Plaque On Bench

In Memory of June Lenz, founder of Crown Garden Club, whose legacy was to encourage the love of flowers and the beautification of Coronado.

Crown Garden Club Founder - June Lenz
( October 13, 1921 - May 6, 2008)

The Crown Garden Club was founded July 30, 1959  by Navy wife, June Lenz. The club began in June’s garage where she taught flower arranging classes. A bench on the grounds of the Coronado Library is dedicated to her memory.

June led a very interesting life. Following are notes from her obituary in the Coronado newspaper. We share them to give you insight into the amazing woman who started the Crown Garden Club.

When she was a teenager, her father was appointed provisional governor to the Pribilof Islands in Alaska. There she spent two years attending school with Eskimo children, exploring the frozen landscape and marveling at the northern lights.

After returning to Seattle and attending the University of Washington, she moved to Hawaii and joined the staff of the Honolulu Star Bulletin as a reporter. She was there

on Dec. 7, 1941 and witnessed the bombing of Pearl Harbor. For several days afterward, she worked as a volunteer to help medical personnel care for the wounded.

In 1943 she met the love of her life, Cliff Lenz, a young naval officer onboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. They both returned stateside shortly thereafter and were married in Dallas in September of 1943.

Moving to Coronado in 1956, the family settled into their new home on Alameda Boulevard, one of the first houses constructed on the original Coronado Golf Course site. June's love of gardens and flowers prompted her, with the help of friends, to found the Crown Garden Club in 1959. The club became a Coronado institution and is still going strong nearly 64 years later.

Because of her affection for Coronado and sense of responsibility and commitment to her community, June served on the Design Review Commission overseeing commercial building design along Orange Avenue.

June's beaming smile and ever present optimism will be remembered by all who knew her. 

June Miller
(June 10, 1921 - October 12, 2007)

June Miller was the third president of the Crown Garden Club and the most devoted  tender of the garden (The June Miller Garden) in Spreckels Park. Our civic beautification committee  continues to maintain it weekly.  Her obituary in the Coronado Eagle gives us insight into her dedication to the Crown Garden Club.

June enjoyed a full and productive life. She was born on June 10, 1921 in Whangarrei, New Zealand. As a young woman of 17, June served in the New Zealand Army where among other duties she was assigned to driving tanks and vehicle maintenance. Later she joined the New Zealand Air Force Security Forces.

On Oct 21, 1944 June married Major Harvey Miller, USMC. Upon settling in Coronado, June immediately joined the newly formed Crown Garden Club.  In 1962 and 1963 June served as CGC president. "In the early 60's we donned yellow and green crowns, decorated our brooms and trowels with matching ribbons and picked up litter and tidied tree wells along the business area of Orange Avenue followed by news cameras," said June. She was involved in planting and maintaining trees and gardens along Orange Avenue, Coronado schools, and entrances to North Island and the Amphibious Base. June's efforts helped the Crown Garden Club receive awards for civic beatification. 

June Miller's greatest gift to her treasured community of Coronado was the many years of joyous toil done on behalf of the Crown Garden Club. Her family wishes to continue that community support and invites all who care to make a contribution in her memory to direct their generosity to the Crown Garden Club. 

Past Presidents

June Lenz 1959-61*
Ouida Reilly 1961-62*
June Miller                          1962-63*
Mae Coleman                      1963-64
Kaye Jones                          1964-65
Marge Kunberber              1965-66
Winnie Superko       1966*
Betty Keehn Chapman 1966-68*
Eleanor Berry                     1968-69*
Dee Martin                            1969-71
June Copeland                    1971-72
Linda Nichols                     1972-73*
Kay Yarnell                          1973-74*
Fran Marshall                     1974-75*
Eileen Clark                        1975-76*

Joann Riley                         1976-78*
Louise McCoy                    1978-80*
Gloria Ortega                      1980-81*
Pat Starr                               1981-83*
Marge West                         1983-84*
Janet Sigsworth                1984-86*
Judy Massey                       1986-87
Sue Williams                       1988-89*
Janet Sigsworth                1989-91*
Virginia Anderson             1991-94
Vicki Sheridan                    1994-96
Suzi Heap                             1996-97
Carvill Veech                       1997-98
Laura Crenshaw                 1998-99
Linda Stanton                  1999-2000

Laura Crenshaw                 2000-01
Suzi Heap                             2001-02
Helen Behner                     2002-03*
Janie Beck                           2003-04*
Loie Wilkens                        2006-08
Jeanne Bowers                  2006-08*
Shannon Player                   2008-10
Ginny Osgood                      2010-12
Carole Hoover-Head          2012-13
Laura Crenshaw                 2013-14
Sandy Shortt                        2014-16
Sharon Lowry                      2016-18
Nancy Vorce                         2018-19
Vicki Fisk                              2019-22
Suzi Heap                              2022-

A Glimpse of the Past...

"Crown Garden Club Cleaning - A Clean Sweep for Coronado"
A 16mm film clip from 1960 showing the Crown Garden Club ladies cleaning up litter on Orange Avenue. Used with permission from the archives of the Coronado Historical Association.  

1989 July 4 Parade Float: Betty Cannon, Sue Williams (CGC President 1988-89), Barbara Sewell, June Lenz (CGC Founder and first president 1959-61).